Tony Horton
Tony Horton is a fitness expert and trainer for Beach Body. Tony Horton is known around the world for his techniques and workouts to build the perfect body... for men and women.

Tony Horton was not always a stud fitness trainer with a perfect body. No, Tony Horton grew up as a “ninety pound wuss”. When he was a teenager Tony was skinny, small and afraid of sports, not a jock with lots of muscles. So how in the world does Tony Horton have the body of god like he does now? He became an actor…?

Tony wanted to become an actor so after college he moved to California to try to make it in showbiz. For some time he struggled. Soon his agent approached him and told Tony that he if he wanted to make it in this industry he would have to work on his physical body. Once again Tony’s body was holding him back, well this time he decided to do something about it.

Tony Horton Developes His Techniques

Tony Horton began studying other actor’s bodies to learn how to decide how he would sculpt his. He had joined the World Gym in California, where body builder and movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger worked out, and determined the body he wanted was the lean muscular look, not the body builder style that helped Arnold with his success.

In order to achieve this long, lean, muscular physique Tony started developing his own fitness routines. Tony Horton is a well learned man, and he used his brain as well as his body to develop the 1st class fitness programs we enjoy today. Tony studied dozens of different workout styles and techniques to determine what would bring him the body he wanted. The knowledge he acquired combined with the workouts he created would soon come together to be known as Power 90 workout.

Tony Horton, Fitness Trainer to the Stars.

Tony Horton used the Power 90 workout techniques to shape his body into what it is today. His new body started getting him the attention of Hollywood, although not in the way he had intended. His goal was to become an actor, he built his body to further his acting career, but as fate would have it, it was the actors starting coming to him. Soon Tony was in high demand as a personal trainer to the stars. People saw his body and wanted the expertise and training from Tony Horton to get that body for them. All of his studying of fitness and hard work was paying off in ways Tony was not expecting.

Tony was the personal trainer for actors like Sean Connery, musicians like Tom Petty and soon found himself featured in Men’s Fitness magazine and the spokes person for Nordic Track. Hollywood came knocking again when Tony was asked to train the entire cast of the 13th Warrior staring Antonia Banderas. His techniques helped give the cast the body of warriors. Tony grew in recognition and became one of Hollywoods most sought after personal trainer.

Tony Horton's Fate with BeachBody

Tony HortonIn 1996 Tony met the owner of BeachBody, Carl Daikeler. They quickly built a friendship and it was this friendship that would help launch Tony Horton from Hollywood personal trainer to worldwide fitness expert. Carl had hired Tony as his personal trainer and after just a short time Carl was blown away by the transformation of his own body. He realized that Tony Horton had created an unbelievable system that got results FAST. In 1998 when BeachBody was founded Carl, along with co-founder Jon Congdon, brought Tony on board. Tony put all his techniques together and soon released the officially named Power 90. Power 90 is a home workout system that would transform the lives of thousands and thousands of people worldwide. Tony has released a number of home workout videos with BeachBody including, One on One with Tony Horton, Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer and for the very serious the P90X. P90X and the 10 Minute Trainer are Tony's newest programs with cutting edge fitness techniques to get you in shape.

If you want a muscular lean physique, than there is no better trainer in the world then Tony Horton. From 90 pound wuss to worldwide fitness expert with the body of a god, don’t tell me you cannot get in shape. Get a Tony Horton exercise and get in shape.

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