Shaun T
If there is anyone out who has put the fun back into fitness, it is Shaun T. Shaun grew up in New Jersey and has always had a love for sports and dancing, in fact he got a BS degree in sports science and a minor in theater and dance from Rowan University.

Shaun T has revolutionized the exercise slash dance combination scene. No other person has had the success in creating extremely fun and impacting exercises that incorporate dance that Shaun T has had. Shaun T's love for both has driven him to be the industry leader in the combining of these two very popular activities. Aside from combining these two together Shaun has had a very successful career as a dancer and choreographer.

Let's just face it... this dude is extremely talented and lets be thankful that he has decided to create his amazing workouts for us to enjoy.

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Shaun now lives in Los Angeles where his theatrical and dance career has taken off. He has made numerous of guest appearances on TV shows like,” The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “Six Feet Under.” Shaun has also been involved with movies, having a part in the movie “Beauty Shop” with Queen Latifah and helped choreograph dancing in movies like “Bring it on: All or Nothing.” It has been Shaun’s love for dancing and fitness that has excelled him to where he is today. He has worked with people like Mariah Carey, Elephant Man and both the Carter brothers (Nick and Aaron). He has also choreographed dances for events like the NCAA Final 4 Tournament and the Garden State Dance Festival. Shaun has worked for Nike, Radio Shack, the Los Angeles Lakers, and Boost Athletic shoes.

After many years of hard work Shaun T came out with his first dance fitness video called Hip Hop Abs, it was a huge success. Hip Hop Abs had everyone dancing and getting into shape. Hip Hop Abs became America’s #1 fitness system on TV; it was the hottest thing out there and the most fun. Because of the great success Shaun T had from creating Hip Hop Abs, he has been able to continue to make great workout routines like, Rockin’ Body and Shaun T’s Dance Party. Every product that Shaun T has come out with has brought great success to whoever uses it.

Shaun T is now traveling around the world teaching how to become fit and giving away his secrets to success. He is also teaching at many fitness and dance conventions around Los Angeles.

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