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Today is your day. If you buy Insanity Workout from us today we will give you free Shaun T's Fast and Furious DVD.

What is the Fast and Furious DVD? This DVD is created by Shaun T for when you are short on time or in a little bit of a hurry. He uses his Best Insanity Workout Techniques packed into one 20 minute workout. This DVD fits seamlessly with the Insanity Workout and when you are short of time on a certain day you can use this as a replacement DVD for the day you are on.

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Why not a cash discount? Good question... As an authorized dealer for the Insanity Workout we are not permitted to sell the workout for less than $119. If you see someone selling if for less then that amount they are NOT an authorized dealer and usually selling pirated copies from over seas.

So we decided to offer you something even better.a $20 DVD that is perfect for anyone with the Insanity Workout.

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