Your Most Commonly Asked Questions For the Insanity Workout

  1. What is the difference between the regular Insanity Workout and the Deluxe Version?
    • The Insanity Workout comes with 10 DVD's as well as all the Extras (ie. nutrition guide, calendar, etc). The Deluxe Insanity Workout comes with all of that plus 3 extra workouts. In the 2nd month of the Insanity Workout you will use the deluxe workouts in place of a few of the regular workouts from the regular version. These deluxe workouts not only keep the intensity level high, but actually raise it up. You will see on your calendar which workouts you will replace with the deluxe dvds. The 3rd workout is a bonus workout in which Shaun T shows you how he uses resistance and weights.

  2. Is the Deluxe Insanity Workout Worth it?
    • It most definitely is. If you want the best and most effective version of the Insanity workout then the deluxe is the only way to go. If you feel like you need to build some strength and start with the basic then the regular version is for you. Which leads me to the next question.

  3. Can you buy the Deluxe Separately?
    • You can purchase the deluxe separately. It is called the Insanity Deluxe Upgrade. This will cost you about $5 more, and plus you will have to pay twice for shipping, but it is still a great option for if you start with regular version and find that you want more.

  4. How come there are Insanity Workouts that only cost $80?
    • Do not and I repeat do not purchase the Insanity Workouts that are for sale for less than $119.95. These are not official Insanity Workouts. Most of the time they are copied and the quality is terrible. Most people that purchase these tell us that they have multiple discs that do not work, and most of the time they come without the nutrition guide and calendar. They do not come with a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you get ripped off its pretty much too bad.

      ExtremeHomeWorkout is an authorized dealer for the Insanity Workout. Therefore we sell the official dvd set. As an official distributor we are not allowed to sell the workout for less than $119.95. So now you know if you purchase the Insanity Workout for less than $119.95 you are purchasing it at your own risk.

  5. Does the Insanity Workout Work?
    • You bet it does. This is not a gimmick just so Shaun T can make a few extra bucks. This is a workout that Shaun T spent months developing and fine tuning so it would be the best full body workout ever put to dvd. Insanity is not for the weak. It is 6 days a week of tough exercises with a strict but extremely effective nutrition plan that will get your body into shape... IF you do it.

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