Hip Hop Abs

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Hip Hop Abs - Workout with Shaun T

Hip Hop Abs
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Hip Hop Abs® with Shaun T

"You Have Just Discovered the Best and Funnest Way to Get Rock Hard Incredible Looking Abs."

With Shaun T's new dance program Hip Hop Abs, you can groove your way to a flat and hot abs. With Shaun's advanced Absolute Engagement routine you'll “Tilt, Tuck, and Tighten” your way to washboard abs without crunches or sit-ups.

Want More From Hip Hop Abs? Try the Hip Hop Abs Deluxe Workout.

Be prepared to lose weight, get great abs, learn incredible dance moves and have fun!

Hip Hop Abs is revolutionary in combining dance and exercise together. Shaun T's unique style to give you rock hard abs in unlike any ab routine out there. First of all IT WORKS, and secondly you never actually do sit ups or crunchs. Check out the intensity and excitement in the screen shot below.

Hip Hop Abs Screen Shot

4 Advanced Workouts!
  • Secrets to Flat Abs
    You'll target your upper abs, lower abs, and obliques while burning fat with Shaun's advanced workout routines. (13 minutes)
  • Fat Burning Cardio
    Shed pounds and burn calories while grooving to hip music. (30 minutes)
  • Ab Sculpt
    Additional moves to get you the abs you've always dreamed of with no crunches or sit-ups. (25 minutes)
  • Total Body Burn
    A full body program that joins cardiovascular and total body toning with even more ab-sculpting routines. (45 minutes)
Tools to Achieve Great Results!
  • Day-to-Day Nutrition Guide
    Wise food choices to lose weight fast!
  • 30-Day Workout Calendar
    Mix and Match your Hip Hop workouts, or use this schedule to flatten your abs and sculpt your body fast!
  • 24 Hour Online Support
    Join live chats with Shaun and a dedicated online support staff.
Great Bonus Materials!
  • Hips, Buns and Thighs
    Tone these problem areas without monotonous squats and lunges. (25 minutes)
  • Results on the Run Diet Guide
    Still eat at your favorite fast food joints without the guilt!
  • Six-Day Slim Down
    Shed up to 6 pounds in the first week!
  • Measurement Card and Tape Measure
Also, Learn to Dance with Shaun T – 3 additional high-energy workouts!
  • Take It to the Dance Floor
  • Hip Hop Groove
  • Last Minute Dance
Get an additional workout: Last Minute Abs!

Hip Hop Abs

HipHopAbs is the workout you need to get the best abs for the coming summer! Start today and be rewarded when summer 2009 comes rolling around.

Are you ready to get rock hard wash-board abs?

Our Guarantee to You
We are so sure that you will completely transform your body within 30 days that if you don't we will give you your money back (less shipping & handling). Plus your 4 free gifts are yours to keep no matter what. So what are you waiting for? C'mon, let's work it!

Hip Hop Abs

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