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  • Dancing Your Way To A Fit Body

    With all of the hype about dancing, it makes you wonder if it really is a good workout. The answer is yes. There has been an explosion of dance related reality TV shows for the past couple of years.

  • Why People Quit Health Club Memberships and Workout at Home

    There’s no denying that people prefer working out at home rather than in a health club. And when it comes to dropping or quitting a health club membership, it happens more often than you might think. It might seem strange to consider purchasing a health club membership, then quitting, but there are several reasons why people fail to keep up their memberships.

  • Jump to It

    The jump rope is one of the least expensive pieces of exercise equipment, but can have a huge impact. Jumping rope can burn up to 1000 calories per hour, and tones muscles throughout the entire body.

  • Reshape with Resistance Bands: Lunges

    Resistance bands are an excellent way to tone and shape the body. For those who are looking to sculpt and add definition, resistance band training is effective.

  • Do You Need A Multivitamin

    Multivitamins are very important for specific groups of people. Those who really need the added nutrition and supplements of multivitamins include; women who are pregnant, vegetarians, and those on restricted diets.

  • Easy Way To Burn Extra Calories

    Burning calories does not mean running a marathon everyday. There are simple ways that you can burn off extra calories while you are at home or work everyday.

  • Super Hot and Toned Arms

    Everyone wants super toned arms, but how do you get them? Here are three exercises that you can do at home to help get those arms in shape.

  • Exercise With the Whole Family

    A great way to stay motivated is to get the entire family involved in an exercise routine. Exercise is good for people of all ages, and children always have extra energy to burn off.

  • Pull Up Bars Will Get You Buff

    The pull up is a great exercise for building strength in the back, upper body, and core muscles. It is often overlooked, but can be a major asset to any routine. All fitness levels should incorporate the pull up into their routine.

  • Wear a Heart Rate Monitor

    What ever your level of fitness may be, a heart rate monitor can help boost your performance. Monitors are used by those who are training for marathons, and those who are taking an exercise class.

  • Want Hot and Dreamy Abs? Do Crunches Right.

    We all know that the abdominals can be one of the most difficult places to lose weight. This is especially true for women. Women tend to both gain and retain more weight in this area than men, due to childbirth.

  • Win the Exercise Battle - Mind vs Body

    For many people the hardest thing about exercise is actually getting body up out of bed and moving. Most the time our mind wants to exercise. We know that it will be healthy, give us more energy, help us sleep better and have countless other benefits.

  • Getting the Body You Want Is Easy

    Getting that muscular body is important for a lot of people, and I have a news flash for you... there is nothing wrong with wanting a lean, muscular, hot body.

  • Back Pain Can Be Fixed With Good Posture

    One of the first signs of aging is feeling pain and tension in the joints. This is often made worse by poor posture. Not only is poor posture bad for your spine, but also it causes your abs to lose tone and gives your body the appearance that you are not in great physical shape.

  • Snacking Throughout The Day Is Good

    Snacking between meals is a great way to keep you metabolism up, and your body burning calories. The snacks that you choose are very important; Twinkies and chips are not the ideal option. Power snacks should be full of nutrients, not sugar.

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